As a software engineer, I am always on the lookout for tools and applications that can help me be more productive and efficient in my work. I’ve tried and tested many different apps over the years, and I’d like to share some of my favorites with you. Below, you’ll find a list of software and applications that I use on a daily basis, organized by category. I hope you find these recommendations useful and that they help you in your work as a software engineer.

Password Management: Keeping Your Accounts Secure with 1Password and Authy

Password Management: Keeping Your Accounts Secure with 1Password and Authy

Password Management

  • 1Password Manager: A powerful password manager that allows you to securely store and manage your login credentials and sensitive information. With 1Password, you can easily generate strong and unique passwords, access your accounts with a single click, and share passwords with your team.


  • Authy: A two-factor authentication app that allows you to secure your online accounts with an additional layer of security. Authy generates unique one-time passcodes that are required to access your accounts, ensuring that only you have access to your sensitive information.

Web Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox: A fast and secure web browser that is built for privacy and performance. Mozilla Firefox blocks third-party trackers and offers a wide range of features to customize your browsing experience.

Code Editing

  • Visual Studio Code: A popular code editor for developers that is packed with features to help you write and debug code. Visual Studio Code has a wide range of extensions to support various programming languages and frameworks, and it also offers built-in Git support.

File Transfer

  • Mountain duck: A powerful app that allows you to mount cloud storage as a local drive on your computer. With Mountain duck, you can easily access, edit and transfer your files between multiple cloud services.

Team Communication

  • Slack: A powerful team communication app that allows you to easily collaborate with your team. Slack offers real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with other tools to help you stay organized and productive.

Mac Maintenance: CleanMyMac X and HazeOver for Keeping Your Mac Running Smoothly

Mac Maintenance Made Easy: The Best Mac Cleaners for Software Engineers
CleanMyMac App

Mac Maintenance

  • CleanMyMac X: A powerful tool that helps you keep your Mac running smoothly. CleanMyMac X can free up space on your hard drive, remove unnecessary files, and optimize your Mac’s performance.


  • Itsycal: a simple and lightweight calendar app, which allows you to easily view your schedule and create new events. Itsycal sits in your menu bar and can be quickly accessed.

Note Taking

  • Notion: A powerful note-taking app that allows you to organize your notes, tasks, and projects in one place. Notion offers a wide range of templates and features to help you stay organized and productive.


  • Apple Reminder: A built-in reminder app that allows you to easily create and manage your reminders. Apple Reminder can be easily accessed from your home screen and can be synced across all your Apple devices.

Desktop Management

  • HazeOver: A simple app that helps you focus on the active window by dimming the background. HazeOver makes it easy to keep track of multiple windows and it is especially useful for working with multiple monitors.

Database Management

  • Tableplus: A native app for database management that supports multiple database management systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more. Tableplus offers a clean and intuitive interface, it also provides a wide range of features to help you manage your database efficiently.

In summary, having the right tools is crucial for any software engineer to work efficiently and effectively. The list of software and applications mentioned in this article are a must-have for any software engineer. They provide the necessary features for password management, code editing, communication, and project management. By incorporating these tools into your daily work, you will be able to work at optimal productivity and efficiency while keeping your data secure. So, it is a good idea to check out these tools and see how they can help you in your software development journey.